Which bag do u like more?


Which bag do u like better?

  1. Bag #1

  2. Bag #2

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  1. Which bag do u like more? The first or second?


  2. I vote bag 2, just because Ive seen sooo many of #1 all over the place...
  3. I actually prefer the first one. It is a more classic design. I also think it can be a summer bag and a winter bag because it is an off-white color. The second bag IMO is strictly a spring/summer bag.
  4. Bag one, because I agree with Kat that the cream trim makes it less season-specific than the pink. I also happen to love the gold hardware and Gucci nametag on the first one. I happen to feel if you're gonna spend the big bucks on a designer bag, why not enjoy the hardware, LOL?
  5. i voted one...but it kinda depends on your other bags and how many other guccis you have....if you have a few in beige/white or even ONE...then id go with the pink....if not i like the first one!
  6. i don't have any guccis.
  7. then def go with one...perfect! :smile:
  8. #1 goes with more. You can use it year round. I find I don't use my Pink Gucci that much.
  9. I like number two more because of the pink it looks really cute.
  10. First for me, I like the style. But I like the color pink, it's so cute!
  11. #1.
  12. The first one i think is an all season bag.
    The second one is harder to wear but its real cute.
    Since I have a white bag, I will vote for the pink :smile:
  13. Girl, the 2nd. Definitley get the second, it is too cute.

    And I say get some matching sandals while you're at it. :yes:
  14. 2nd one:yes:
  15. I like the 2nd one. I like the shape of it & IMO it's more fresh looking. And I love pink, lol!