Which bag do I take????

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Which bag do I take??

  1. White Shirley

  2. Silver Miroir Pochette

  3. Gold Miroir Pochette

  4. Dentelle Kirsten

  5. Riveting Pochette

  6. Red Epi Pochette

  7. Mono Recital

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  1. HELP!!!

    Next week I'm going to a Celebrity Handbag Auction, not so much to buy I celeb handbag but more for a night out and to help raise money for a good cause.

    I need to take a FAB bag with me so which bag do I take???

    If you could please also give a reason for your choice that would be great TIA

    White MC Shirley
    Silver Miroir Pochette
    Gold Miroir Pochette
    Dentelle Kirsten
    Riveting Pochette
    Red Epi Pochette
    Mono Recital

    on and I'll be going to another event a few weeks later so I'll need another fab bag for that
  2. gold miroir pochette!!! it's a beautiful bag!!! very chic!!!
  3. I kind of like the idea of taking the Dentelle. Have fun!
  4. dentelle kirsten - a definite head turner and so highly coveted. i think the other bags won't be quite as eyecatching. plus, the detailing on the kirsten makes everyone look twice! :supacool:
  5. dentelle kirsten! beautiful, beautiful bag, perfect for such an event!
  6. I was torn between the Silver Mirroir Pochette and the Dentelle Kirsten, I chose the pochette as although both are quite rare, the pochette as a bit more of that 'WOW' factor and will make people stop and stare, however the Kirsten will also do that JMO
  7. I agree that the Dentelle Kirsten sounds perfect for this kind of event. You'll look great with it!
  8. Depends on your outfit too I would think. If your dress (etc) is already pretty eyecatching, then maybe use a more subdued bag. If a simple black dress, maybe use a more jazzed up bag!
  9. the kristen :wlae:
  10. I haven't yet decided what I'm wearing but I tend to go with one colour rather than bold patterns prob something in black or red
  11. Kirsten, it'll definitely turn heads!
  12. Prob Kirsten, it will definitely get you noticed because it's so rare!
  13. I would take the Kirsten as it's a piece not many people will have and the pretty lace and gold detailing make it a nice "going out" bag. My second choice would be the mirior pouchette.
  14. If you are wearing either black or red, I would pick the silver miroir pochette.
  15. Kirsten, I think this bag would stand out more then the rest. As a back up tho I would say one of the mirror pochettes!

    Have fun!