Which bag do I keep? Need honest opinions please

  1. Hi,
    I have been hard at work which is why some of you who responded to my previous threads haven't heard from me, and as a result I have managed to nab myself two of the bags I had been searching for in great desparation in the January sales, and managed to locate them separately from different websites, as they must have been customer returns..my problem now is that instead of helping me decide which to keep by having them both in front of me, I'm even more confused, as I like them both!! They are the mouse grey alyona and the mouse grey east west mix quilted tote. Both extremely popular, and both hard to find, and I CANNOT keep both! I really don't know cos they both have their own allure. The alyona is definitely more boxy and constructed of the two and holds it's shape well, while the mix quilt tote looks very subtle and classy. They are both similar in size and I can't think of processes of elimination!! Will I get more wear out of one rather than the other? Any alyona owners or mix quilt tote owners out there? I have a few days left before returning the alyona, and two weeks before returning the east west tote, so time is running out. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I say keep the one you really love!! The one you know you will use and enjoy!
  3. if you can't keep both, I'd keep the alyona if it was my choice. I think you would get more use of it, because of it's shape and size. And since the chain is detachable, you can either dress it up or down depending on your mood. The e/w tote is a classy bag, but it seems very dressy. whereas the alyona is that bag you can wear with fab heels or all-stars! tough decision for you...
  4. If you really can't decide, I think it is best to see what kind of bag you use more often. And if that doens't help, maybe you already have a similar bag to one or the other? If that 's the case, it might help you make up your mind. It's much nicer to have many different bags ( different colors? models ?) than bags that are more or less the same..
  5. hmm- show us pix!!
  6. i vote the east west tote!
  7. was thinking of posting up some pics except that I've got a 7 month belly which is not going to necessarily be part of my 'look', which at the moment is tres frumpy :s and so won't show off the bags as they deservedly should, or how I'd wear them. Pics would also have to be set up tomorrow as going out to dinner tonight. Hmmm you know what muggles, it's funny you say to go for the bag I really love, because I thought I was impartial, but I keep on getting flashbacks of the east west tote. They are both very wearable, and I think any bag in this day and age can look dressed up or down, look at the chanel 2.55, or the jumbo flap, great with jeans and ballerina flats, or with killer heels in a killer outfit..I dunno
  8. i have both the alyona and mix quilted tote. i would keep the tote. the alyona is pretty and i like it okay, but i'm not crazy about it. in fact, i hardly use it. i think the leather quality and design of the mix quilted tote is superior to the alyona. it also gets extra points for being a shoulder bag. you can shoulder carry the alyona using the chain strap, but it ends up perverting the shape.
  9. I would choose the Alyona because of the handles - I like the short handle and shoulder chain better than the two chain straps... Both are great bags though - you can't go wrong with either one! :love:
  10. Oh, tadpoles' remark about the chain strap ruining the shape makes quite the difference... Now i don't know! :confused1:
  11. never thought of this bag doing that before! haha

    now i change my vote for the mix quilted tote.
  12. ^I'm another vote for the Mix Quilted Tote! (Well said tadpole.) I have it and love it, after deciding against the Alyona, which I strongly considered. I think the Mix Quilted Tote is more elegant and more functional.
  13. I got a black alyona on sale and ended up returning it because i felt everything would fall right out of it the majority of the bag is wide open- does the tote have a zipper? if so that would be my choice
  14. Another vote for the Mix Quilted tote! I love this bag! Soooo classy!!
  15. I vote for Mix quilted tote based on tadpole's input! She's swayed my vote ;)