Which bag do I choose?

  1. Hi

    I'm a newbie here, just read through the forum on Chloe paddy's (I LOVE:heart: them) and need to ask for some advice.

    My boyf is buying me one for my birthday :yahoo: (which, incedentally was 3 months ago so he owes me big!) but I can't decide between the Dove grey (which I've lusted after for about 7 months) or the Aubergine metallic (which I only discovered recently). They are both absolutely gorgeous.

    How do I choose? :confused1: Is there anyone who could offer any advice on the pros and cons (yeah right, as if there are any) of either bag?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I'll move this to the Chloe Forum.
    The Newcomer's Lounge is really only for introductions.
  3. Ooops, my bad :shame:- sorry, still not familiar with the ways of the forums.
  4. Hey and welcome to tPF!:yes:

    I have a Dove (otherwise known as mousse) paddy...i umm'ed and ahh'ed for too long so i missed out on the aubergine...i have heard nothing but good things about the colour though.

    As for my new mousse - well, i love it and i'm having fun buying boots that 'go' with it!!!:graucho:

    Mousse is a pretty neutral colour, yet it has a hint of green in certain lights - and the colour works well with most denim, blues, greens, creams, browns, greys, black...ahhh the list goes on.

    Anyway, i don't think you can go wrong with either colour if you want something just that little bit 'different'.....:yes: :smile: It's all about trial and error and personal preference, really.

    Hope you enjoy the forum!:yes:
  5. I would definitely recommend the dove over the metallic (or any Chloe metallic). My reasons has to do mainly with the maintenance of the leather and the potential for color chipping away with the metallics. That aside, dove goes with everything practically and it is a wonderfully casual clothing color. Don't get me wrong though the aubergine is a beautiful color too. I just prefer the Dove on practicality reasons and the fact that it is so versatile. ;) Good luck! Definitely post pics when you get your bag!
  6. Thank you for your comments Chicky & BalenciagaLove. Your thoughts are along the same as mine.

    My boyf works for Harvey Nics :graucho: so I popped down to meet him after work and we went in to see if we could have a look at either of the bags but they didn't have them in stock:sad: , Harrods had a baby paddy in the Metallic Aubergine though & since I've already actually touched/carressed/stroked/smelt/huggedthe Dove and know that I'm in love :love: with it we've now ordered it from NAP I can't wait for it to arrive - I am SO hyper!!!:yahoo:

    The deciding factor for me was that although I love the colour of the Aubergine on the pictures on the NAP website, in actual fact it is much more bronzy than I thought - I think it's still gorgeous but the Dove:heart: will suit me better and if there's ever a time it doesn't match my outfit , it will still match my eyes so I can't go wrong really!:tender:

    Will post pictures (if I can figure out how!) when it gets here so you can drool over it with me! :flowers:
  7. i have the classic black and love it cos it goes with everything... but i do love the dove cos of the silver padlock (i think it looks nice with the silver padlock)... the bad thing abt the brass padlock is that it does chip cos its gold painted... i actualli really love the aubergine but as balenciagalove sed, the metallic does tend to rub off
  8. Welcome to the PF and to the Chloe subforum! Dove, or Mousse, is my FAVORITE! I love mine and wear it with everything! You cannot go wrong- and I am surprised how well it goes with my fall/winter wardrobe as well! Cannot wait to see pics of yours! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
  9. OOOoooooh I'm so excited :yahoo: she came today!!!! I can't believe I actually own one now! I took some pictures but haven't figured out how to post them/watermark :confused1: them so don't know what I'll do about that.

    I keep getting her out of the box to hold her :tender: - I think I definiely made the right choice to go with the Dove Grey/Mousse.:love:
  10. Glad you went w/the gray! That would've been my choice over the aubergine also.
  11. ahhhh so happy for you. There are few things more exciting than your first paddy :yahoo:

    I upload my photos using photobucket. You browse, find the picture you want and upload it, then once the photo has been uploaded you just cut and paste the img (the 3rd option of the 3) and paste it in your post and it will appear when you post your thread :yes:

    congrats on your new bag :smile:
  12. Welcome!!!! And yes, the dove grey/mousse is GORGEOUS!! :yahoo:
  13. Oooooh yes please! Can't wait!:yahoo: :yes:
  14. Congrats on your new paddy! Love the mousse colour, it's beautiful and really versatile. Enjoy!
  15. Welcome to PF & Chloe!! Congrats on your new bag, and what a sweet borfriend!! Mousse is so lovely and I bet you love the silver hardware that will never chip on you!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!:nuts: