Which bag do I choose?


Which bag for my first Chanel?

  1. Calfskin w/MM lock

  2. Caviar

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  1. Which is better for my first Chanel? Both jumbo size w/silver. Black calfskin w/MM lock or black caviar? Calfskin is priced at $2695 and caviar is $2250. Is the calfskin w/the MM lock worth over $400 more than the caviar. I like them both. TIA!
  2. I would get CAVIAR!
  3. Caviar.
  4. OMG Caviar. Trust me! :okay:
  5. Go for the caviar, so durable...
  6. caviar. The MM closure is not worth $400 more IMO.
  7. CAVIAR! Durable...will last a LONGGGGG time. No need to worry about scratching it as much.
  8. caviar for sure!!!! classic, and practical to boot!
  9. caviar!
  10. i have in caviar and loving i!
  11. I chose the calfskin with mm lock because i never had one before.. That's the only reason why. And the white is gorgeous!!!
  12. go for the caviar.. it will last looooooong
    trust me :smile: