Which bag do I choose?

  1. Hi ladies, your opinions please! I need to choose between the silver dentelle speedy and the lichen neo speedy. Wish I could get them both, but probably not. Cost of both bags is roughly the same, and I have both on hold right now.

    I also confirmed my patchwork speedy should be in ANY DAY! Yahoo!!
    I am getting the patchwork speedy for sure.

    Between the silver dentelle speedy and lichen neo speedy, which to choose? :confused1:
  2. go with the silver dentelle speedy, it's so pretty!
  3. I will go with a Lichen Neo Speedy as I think Dentelle is ugly (It's only my personal opinion). Normal LV Monogram canvas looks better. It looks too busy with LV pattern mixed with stritchs.
  4. Silver dentelle!
  5. Silver dentelle, since you're getting the patchwork.
  6. Definitey the Lichen Neo Speedy...it's such a stunning color!
  7. I would go for the lichen neo speedy. Not real hip on the dentelle line myself.
  8. Lichen Neo Speedy (of course, I just got one!)

    It's just a lot more fun, and if that lace starts to pull off the canvas, you will be bummed! I personally think dentelle is too much like an art project.
  9. dentelle. im in love with the silver speedy
  10. I def. get the Linchen Neo Speedy!!! It's SO beautiful and it's been on my mind for MONTHS!!!
  11. Lichen neo speedy -- such a great color and the bag is so cute! I just don't really care for Dentelle much.
  12. Silver Dentelle, I don't like the Lichen
  13. I dont like either but the Dentelle is classier IMO -I am a newbie to LV btw so my opinion doesnt count for much!
  14. Thanks all! Looks like I may be getting both! :yes: I just exchanged my mini lin dune speedy for the silver dentelle speedy - which I absolutely :love: . Know how I can tell the dentelle is a keeper? This is the first bag that I have felt may be able to replace my damier speedy as my fav! :nuts: Never thought that would happen. Tomorrow I will receive the lichen neo speedy from eluxury, but meanwhile I was able to see it IRL in the local boutique. I :love: it, too. So, as of now, the dentelle is a keeper and the lichen is most likely a keeper, too. I'll let you know. Thanks for all your input!

    PS I will definitely be on a ban if I keep both of these! Until my patchwork speedy comes in, that is!