Which bag did you use the most in June?

  1. Hi everyone. My other bags were not feeling the same love as the bag I picked up the most. I just thought about it this morning...starting to dream of LV...very disturbing...

    I reached for my Recital 75% of the time. It was the easiest to grab since I wanted to just throw something on my shoulder.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
  2. I have been using my white mc trouville ever since I got it. :smile:
  3. I would have to say Fringe Speedy, Le Fab and Neo Speedy.
  4. I'm at a point where I have too many bags to choose from. I never thought it would be like that. I need to downsize.
  5. That's how I feel, too. Some bags sit quietly in their dustbags waiting patiently.
  6. Popincourt Haut !
  7. Epi mandarin speedy and cabas piano, I think.
  8. Monogram Mini Montsouris for me.
  9. My White Le Fab, White MC Noe, and White MC Speedy...
  10. Fuchsia bedford and white MC Speedy.
  11. Red vernis , MC pochette and speedy 25 in mono
  12. My Denim Speedy :love:
    I rarely used other bags last month, only if I wanted to have hands free or a non-LV-bag.
  13. :yes: I already sold some bags I didn't use for a long time (or NEVER did :shame:smile: - but I'm afraid, I still have too many. I could afford 1 or 2 new LV's at the moment, but I'm not sure, if I really need them... :Push:
  14. I would have to say it has been my Manhattan PM, even though she is my newest, I have used her the most consecutive days!
  15. I Switch Daily (Like Many Of Us!) & So Do The Designers. As For LV, I'll Have To Say My White MC Speedy (I Wore A Few Different Times This Month).