Which bag did u pass up AND STILL REGRET AND WHY?

  1. The only bag I ever passed up that I really regret was one that "Durbsgirl"? got. It was a gray city with pewter hardware and I really really really wished I would have bid on that bag!!!!

    why: I think I thought the price was too high (wasn't, just a newbie), yet kept coming back to the auctions pics of the beautiful grey and silver together....PERFECT!!

    By the time I knew I wanted it: TOO LATE!

    That one is my only regret!:sad:
  2. '03 lilac City with silver. :crybaby:
  3. Flat brass hobo.
  4. Eggplant city that there was a huge thread on the price. I was completely new and thought that was too much over retail. I kick myself everytime I think about it!!! :crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. :hysteric: :hysteric: 02 flat brass first :hysteric: :hysteric:

    :roflmfao: at least i can laugh about it now :nuts:

    why??? i ran out of funds - u know usually story :roflmfao:
  6. A magenta Work on eBay...
    I never had this style...and thought it was too big for me ...
    How stupid I was !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. More than a year ago, there was this gorgeous caramel city with silver hardware :heart:
    I forgot to bid on it and it sold for just $600 (or something like that)
    I still have a pic of it in my PC and I've been regreting it ever since :push:
  8. a turquoise weekender from a friend, i was thinking too long, and when i want to buy it. it's already sold :crybaby:

  9. Me too, I passed up on a 05 Turquoise Work (not Weekender) because I thought it was too big.... and now I can't find it anymore:hysteric:
  10. Miss Lily...Get rid of that picture. It's a constant reminder of what didn't work out...

    Unless you want another caramel city that is.
  11. An 05 apple green work in MINT condition from a dear friend of mine... Sigh.
  12. 05 magenta city. waited to click BIN and someone else got an amazing deal.
  13. The flat brass on eBay just a few weeks ago that sold for $1000 or so, the Caramel...I can't believe I didn't bid. Should have just trotted out to my money pot and scooped some out.
  14. Well, I only have two, but I know that if I had not taken the second chance offer on the truffle twiggy that I got, I would have regretted it forever.

    Everyone and I mean everyone tried to talk me into not buying it from the seller, but I went with my gut and decided to just do it, paid through paypal with no CC, I don't have one, and I was very lucky b/c not only is it authentic, but the leather is not veiny like the ones I saw at the store and the price? Can't beat that!!:heart:
  15. Since I'm new to BBags, the answer is easy: I regret not knowing about them earlier, so that I could have bought an 05 Dark Olive First!

    Sure, I'll wait patiently and one will materialize for me at some point. And I've been busy buying in F/W 06. But I feel like I really missed that bag...