Which bag...del ray or Alexa

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2012
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    Hi guys...
    Thinking about my next purchase. Last one was a mulberry bayswater in mini croc print, which I love.
    I am not particually thinking on practical terms. Even though I'm a mum of a 6 and 1 yr old, these bags become long term friends
    I treat my Mulberry purchases carefully, dispite seeing so many handbags walk my way as part of my job.
    So love the del ray but not sure ofmwhat colour, or the Alexa in an oak.
    What do you think? X
  2. I have a 2 and 7 year old and 3 Alexas, including oak. I say definitely the Alexa. It's far more practical being able to carry a bag cross body with little ones. I've come to really like the del Rey, from quite inauspicious beginnings. But I feel that it is a much dressier bag than the Alexa, and not very practical for me with the kids. Hope that helps. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks. Looks like you've got a lovely collection.

    Don't think I'm keen on the mini del ray that's coming out, that has a strap.

    Does anyone know if the alexa is the same size inside as a bays water? X
  4. I think oversized Alexa is as big as the Bayswater although people have suggested that the Alexa should not be overfilled with heavy stuff.

    I can't do messengers but I like the look of the Alexa more than Del Rey
  5. I would prefer Alexa to Del Rey as you can use/wear in different ways.
  6. I would say Alexa also. I like the look of the Del Rey in the shop but they do not look so good when carried, they look squashed & misshapen. I think it would be better if they made them more structured. :smile:
  7. I agree with the others: I would go for the Alexa!
  8. I agree with bagstar, I liked the look of the del ray in store but couldn't see it looking so good a couple of months down the line.
  9. I would go with the Alexa. I own 2 the mini and the regular they are both fab :smile:
  10. Definitely the Alexa! I have two and I adore them! I've never been tempted by the Del Rey, not sure why tbh!
  11. Has to be an Alexa - the fact that you can wear it cross-body wins it for me! I'd say wait for the sales for the del ray (petrol or black forest).
  12. I'm going to be different and say Del Rey! I think Alexa is the only Mulberry I actively dislike (don't hate me...)
  13. Im over the Alexa so i say the Del Ray and i like the way its a bit sloppy when carried.