Which bag? Chloe Quilted Bay or Miu Miu Bow Bag?

  1. I currently have 3 b-bags, 1 LV, a chloe paddy, and 2 BVs .. I woudl really love to have a grey colored bag that can be a bit formal ... I was thinking either a smokey grey miu miu bow bag or a chloe bay quilted bag like the one in the photo ..


  2. The Miu Miu! I love the bows, the long shoulder strap, all the details... I just think it's more special than the bay. The Bay however seems more structured, which may be what you're looking for if you want it to be more on the formal side. I much prefer the bow satchel though!
  3. Definitely the Miu Miu Bow!!
  4. miu miu bow... omg i wanted one..
  5. I say get the bay in grey and get the bow satchel in light pink!
  6. Miu Miu Bow
  7. definitely miu miu bow. Chole is too heavy to carry around in my opinion.
  8. ur on the miu miu thread everyone is going to say miu miu bow... -.- go on the chloe thread they'll all say chloe! lol. So i'm saying miu miu =p
  9. Miu Miu Bow hands down! I don't like that Chloe's big zipper pulls.
  10. Isn't that the truth?

    I love both Chloe and Mui Mui but this time, I am going to vote for Mui Mui because the leather is softer and the lines are more clean...

  11. Get the miu miu - chances are the chloe will be marked down 50% in a few months (sad but true.....) :push:
  12. looool u were right! on the Chloe forum the majority said the chloe .. and here the majority said the miu miu haha .. thanks everyone! I will find a way to get BOTH haha
  13. haha indeed i think both will settle ur mind! But I agree with cougess... the chloe will most likely be marked down whereas the bow rarely goes on sale (it does on NM I see once every few months but is snapped up within an hour). Never seen it on sale anywhere else. Buy bow now, buy chloe later!
  14. I second the miu miu....the bow definitely dont' go on sale except the white-?
    and many of the places are sold out, get it while you can instead of regretting it later~
  15. I actually love both pretty equally, but the weight would be the deciding factor for me. If the Chloe's heavier, I'd get the Miu Miu.