:*:*:*: Which Bag Charm Would Look Better? :*:*:*: (Pictures Included)


Which Bag Charm?

  1. Fleurs Key Holder

  2. Gold Glitter Disco Ball Key Holder

  3. Inventeur Key Holder

  4. Jack & Lucie Monogram Key Holder

  5. Jack & Lucie Multicolor Key Holder

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello my fellow LV tPFers! ;)

    I'm not sure if you all remember my previous poll thread ---> ~~~ WHICH LV BAG SHOULD THIS COLLEGE GIRL BUY? ~~~ **Reference Pictures Included** <--- but I have decided to get the Batignolles Horizontal.

    Thank you to everyone who commented and/or voted on that thread.

    Now my LV buddies, I need yall's help yet again.

    I want to hang a bag charm on the Batignolles Horizontal but I am un-sure on which one would look better.

    I have narrowed it down to the Fleurs Key Holder, Gold Glitter Disco Ball Key Holder, Inventeur Key Holder, Jack & Lucie Monogram Key Holder and the Jack & Lucie Multicolor Key Holder.

    Pretty please comment and/or vote on which bag charm YOU think would look better on the Batignolles Horizontal bag.

    Thank You so very much for helping me in advance! :flowers:

    First off, here is the Batignolles Horizontal bag that I am going to get.

    Fleurs Key Holder: ($225)

    Gold Glitter Disco Ball Key Holder: ($285)

    Inventeur Key Holder: ($240)

    Jack & Lucie Monogram Key Holder: ($255)

    Jack & Lucie Multicolor Key Holder: ($255)
  2. jack & lucie in mono gets my vote!
  3. i :heart: jack & lucie
  4. Fleurs Key Holder for sure!!!!:tup:
    the Fleurs Cles goes well with anything (actually all of them do..haha...but the Fleurs gets my vote)

    I have the Fleurs Cles and it goes well with all my bags:yahoo:
  5. I definately vote for the Fleurs key chain!! Will go with mono, multi, damier... anything!!
  6. Jack and Lucie! So cute.
  7. Hi Caesar Salad! :smile:

    Which Jack & Lucie color? .... Monogram (Brown) or Multicolor (Orange)?


    Hi Lee69! :smile:

    Which Jack & Lucie color? .... Monogram (Brown) or Multicolor (Orange)?

  8. They are all cute and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, but the fleurs keychain has soooo many colors!!! And I like how it seems to be a little bigger from the top of the chain to the bottom. I think it might be a little easier to see on your bags.

    Congrats on your first bag by the way!
  9. I have the fleurs...I love it!!!
  10. Fleurs!!! Love it with mono!
  11. The Fleurs all the way!!!!!
  12. The Fleurs will definitely give your bag a gorgeous pop of color!
  13. i like the fleurs
  14. my vote is definitely the fleur key holder - I love the little "pop" of color it adds :tup:
  15. jack and lucie