which BAG CHARM for EBENE SPEEDY 30? (pls include pics for reference!)

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  1. :heart: thanks guys :heart:
  2. Love the candy charm
  3. I have the tapage charm and it matches the ebene, azur and monogram beautifully!! it is gorgeous and a very good size too!
  4. Candy or the (I think it's called) Bags & Trunks in red?
  5. I use the fuschia graffiti charm on my ebene speedy... I can take a pic later when I get home if you like
  6. I don't have a speedy anymore, but I do have a SO Deauville. Most of the time, I use a luggage tag that is heat-stamped with my initials on it; when I'm feeling in the mood for adding more bling to the bag, I also add my brown Pastilles key ring. Here's a photo with just the luggage tag...

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  7. I'd have to say the leopard bandeau. There's a photo in the "whats in your lv" thread. Looks soooooooooooo good on damier ebene speedy.
  8. Please do a search as there are threads in the Clubhouse that you can read and post in. Good luck and welcome!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.