Which bag? Chanel mini rectangular or Chanel old medium boy rhw?

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Which bag?

  1. Chanel mini rectangular

  2. Chanel old medium black boy rhw

  1. Guysssd hellpppp

    I really want one of these two. Which one would you get first?!
  2. depends really on why and what's the purpose for each of those.
    i believe most will vote for the MINI rect.
    coz old medium Boy won't fit that much too.
    but it does look pretty chic in comparison with the Mini.

    are you stuck in this decision becoz - 1 of them is value for its money, yet you love the other better?
  3. Hi! I’m stuck because the minis seem $$$ whereas boys seem to have some better pricing on the preloved market and aren’t small bags. I thought I liked the mini but now I’m not sure...
  4. I think you should try them on. They have very different looks...
  5. I had an old medium boy with ruthenium hardware. But I let it go because I cant see it as my “forever” bag. I saw an 80yo relative with one and it looks to edgy for her.

    I replaced it with a reissue mini with aged calfskin and ghw. I can see myself getting old with this.
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  6. Thanks so much for the reply!
  7. I got the BOY! and I love it :biggrin: