Which bag - Carly Sig. Black in Medium OR Signature Stripe tote

  1. i have this carly and love it! dont care for the tote bc i like bags that close
  2. I would say for carly.. i'm loving those. But since you already have on get the tote. BUt then again the tote isnt black black like the carly so i'd get both .. lol
  3. I think that tote would look really great with black or grey. I love the black carly but you already have one and would be limited to wearing gold jewelry/hardware
  4. I love the Carly more but if you already have a Carly why not go for the tote and have the best of both worlds! :tup:
  5. Since you already have a Carly, go for the Sig Stripe. I LOVE mine, it's the perfect size!
  6. Oh, I didn't even realize that the bag doesn't have a zipper. Hm, I don't think I would like that either.

    For girls who have the tote - do things fall out easily?
  7. What about a Coach black leather shoulder bag, that would be nice if you are looking for something to go with black or gray
  8. I have the khaki/parchment signature stripe tote and my things don't fall out at all! I love her. But if you really want something with a zipper I would go for the carly then.
  9. I would go for a the tote since you already got the new carly just so you have a variety. You can always get another carly later lol.. I am bad don't listen to me haha
  10. Since you have a Carly, go for the tote. It "stands up" so things don't fall out easily. I have the khaki/gold Carly too and then got the bronze and gunmetal sig. stripe totes. I love them all!
  11. I have a carly and a couple sig stripe totes... both are great bags, you can't go wrong either way...

    although for black/gray clothes, I personally like the black/gunmetal combo because the gunmetal really pops against the black... just something to consider
  12. I'm debating between the same two bags!
  13. I just bought this one from macy's.... (ignoring my ban, I'm in trouble)

    Slim Carly in Black/Silver
    I normally dont like the Carly's just b/c they slip off my shoulder so easily, but someone recommended a pad thing to put under the strap, and I tried in on one of my other bags... so I'll see if it works!!!
  14. I vote for the tote. I'm in the minority here but I never have liked the Carly. A nice tote in your wardrobe will always be used.