Which Bag Can You Simply NOT Stop Reaching For?

  1. Well, besides Goldie (who has legs and feet and follows me around the house pouting until she gets to go with me), I have used the pure mess out of my black pebbled TME. Close second is my Choco Crash Stroke Me right now. Before she came it was the root EM. It's funny how you realize what colors you most favor with your outfits and/or seasons when you have an array from which to choose. I do love my cream LM, but I think I've only used her about 5-6 times. And I really thought I would practically use her to death this summer. But you know that brat, Goldie, really went everywhere with me. Still does. I'm tellin' y'all, that pocketbook is ALIVE! I could swear I've heard her squealing, "Me! Me! Take me today! MeMeMeMe!!" I want to get mad her for being such a pill, but that sweet, twinkling grin of hers just gets me everytime.
  2. I'm always grabbing my black crash Hug Me, or the pebbled wine luxe Hug Me, or the gray glossy Hug Me. Seems like all the ones that are the colors I'm wearing are the Hug Me style. Haven't yet "inaugurated" the pumpkin matte one.
  3. It was my dark purple matte Charm Me but then my future daughter in law came along.... well, let's just say that Bonnie and I have purse loving dil's in common! I have a CMM in dpm on the way though to replace the well loved CM that has found a new mommy!

    For now I reach for my LM Midi in purple glossy! Future DIL has her eye on that one too but I'm not letting go of this one! LOL!

    And I am always using a KM, AP and PM in my bags! Right now my favs are my choco matte KM, matte apple AP and turquoise PM that are my favorites! I think some BEs do come alive, Moonie, because my little accessories smile big at me and sing me cheerful songs whenever I open my bag! I love them!
  4. My go to bag is always my dark gray Love Me midi. It's just the perfect all around bag. A close second is my choco matte Hold Me...both bags are so beautiful and easy to carry.
  5. I have been wearing my Enchant Me in petrol pebbled for weeks now. I love that style and the size of the regular does not seem big to me at all anymore. After that, I'd say my Love Me Midis get a lot of use but I do rotate my bags a lot.

    Today, my Nutmeg TMA Midi is on her inaugural trip out. The narrow strap makes the bag very easy to carry over the shoulder.

    However, if I had to pick ONE that gets the most use, it would probably be my medium purple matte Love Me Midi.
  6. I can't really pick one clear winner of my handbags yet. Still experimenting. However, there isn't a day that I go out without my Kiss Me clutches and Protect Me's. They are absolute necessities in my life now. Pewter crash and matte chocolate are my faves so far.
  7. Its generally seasonal with me - so at the moment my top picks are my Surprise Me in Dark Purple Pebbled and my Love Me midi in black crash. Then from time to time when I need to inject a bit more colour my red bags come out - being LM Mini in fiamma sheen and my Treasure Me in pebbled red! My Pewter WTM Midi and Surprise Me often come out too - and these 2 bags are all year round!
  8. I have thought long and hard about the dark gray matte. Normally, Mr. Pewter is my gray bag, but now I really want a true gray one. I was looking at the Earl Gray and the gray shimmer, but most of y'all here keep gushing over the dark gray matte. I do believe that is the leather I'm going to choose for whatever my next bag is going to be. Y'all have never led me astray!

  9. Moonietunes, you can't go wrong with dark grey matte!
  10. For me it was the Nutmeg Treasure Me. I usually switch out my bags weekly, but I ended up carrying that bag for probably a month straight. I had to force myself to switch it out so my other bags wouldn't feel left out. :smile:
  11. This answer shocks me as it is not what I would expect...which would be my neutral black crash, or choco matte bag....

    My fuchsia sheen love me mini.

    I love the pop of color it gives me, I do not wear too much red, so it goes with most everything I wear, and I find it has seen more time on my arm then my other BE bags by far...
  12. Mine is definitely my Orange Hold Me- I love this bag so much and carry it often, (I tell myself that orange is a neutral)

    If I ever see on on Bonz. or 'bay, I would grab it and tuck it away in a fire proof box as a back up bag in case anything would happen to mine- that's how much I'd miss it if I didn't have it to carry.
  13. For me is my WTM midi in purple matte, because is not heavy as my LM midi or my TMA, and the color is a plus. I love, love my WTM.


    I am totally laughing my pudge packet off!

  15. Which orange did you get, Hermosita?