which bag can hold more? monty pm or tivoli pm?

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  1. on the LV website they have the same dimensions, but i highly doubt it. does anyone know which bag is bigger and by how much?
  2. I would think the monty because of the way it's shaped.
  3. monty
  4. definitely the monty
  5. I looked at both bags a couple weeks ago ~ and the Monty definitely can hold more!

    However I prefer the look of the Tivoli!
  6. yeah i agree, tivoli looks nicer : P
  7. I agree with everyone else - like the Tivoli much more!
  8. but does anyone know the actual dimensions of the tivoli? i saw it in real life it seems soo small ... but when i saw ppl's modelling pics it doesn't appear that small..