Which bag?? BV or lockit

  1. I shouldn't even think about these bags . I will get one of them by the end of this year...

    Please help me choose which one you like better and why?

    Lockit Vertical


    Lockit Horizontal


    Lockit PM


    Batignolle Vertical:


    Skip Vachetta..go with Saleya MM:

  2. Out of all of these I would choose the Lockit Horizontal. It's just gorgeous and is next on my list!!!

    Any reason the BH isn't on there? Like the BV better? If BH was on this list I would choose the BH.
  3. i like the BV cause you can also put it under your shoulder and don't have to carry it with your hands all the time!
  4. Lockit Horizontal! IMO, PERFECT SHOULDER BAG!!!
  5. Lockit Horizontal, BV or Saleya. I like those 3. Sorrry not much of help.
  6. Lockit Horizontal you will be soo happy that you got it:drool: :drool: :drool: ! I was told that this shape was taken from the LV archives and dates back a hundred years...A SA at the 866 # gave me that info. This is the new LV "IT" bag in my opinion....classic and gorgeous...everyone needs one!!!!

    Plus if LV addict says it is a perfect :yahoo: shoulder...guess what it is has well IMO. The best LV shoulder bag ever it is that good. I am totally to the point when it comes to LV handbags and give my honest opinion. When the PH did not cut it for me or give me the wow factor I mentioned it. The HL gave me the wow factor...I prefer over my speedy 30 now...the size and shape are LV perfection. I wanted the Manhattan GM but, it was too much $$$ and I compromised for this one and WOW:yahoo: I am sooo glad that I got it.
  7. Lockit Horizontal- love it...
  8. Bv!
  9. Ooo, bags!!! You know I'm gonna say the Lockit!!! Any of the three in my opinion! The bag is so user friendly, and fits everything in it, and doesn't slouch or cave in, and the lock on there is so cute looking. The handles are a good size too. Well, good luck with your choice!!
  10. Lockit Horizontal
  11. Lockit Horizontal. Looks so classic and timeless...well not much help there...they all do!
  12. [​IMG]

  13. It depends on how big a bag you want. You have to try them out in person too.
  14. Lockit Horizontal for sure!!lol...right after i would say the saleya
  15. I'm with most here and also say Lockit Horizontal....it's so pretty!! Go for it!!! :yes: