Which bag are you most often wearing?

  1. I'm new here, and I hope I've put this in the right thread.

    I'd love to know which bag you ladies are most often wearing - or you could tell me your everyday bag and your absolute favourite!

    In my case, my everyday bag is the Miu Miu black soft calf bow bag, but I think my heart really belongs to my tan YSL bow bag... Bows = love!

  2. Welcome to tPF!:flowers:

    Lately I can't stop using my new CHANEL Luxe Bowler! LOVE it to pieces!!!
  3. i've been using mt balenciaga for the past few years, rotating from cities to the weekenders. but lately i've been using my coco cabas vinyl A LOT! :p
  4. I also love the Miu Miu bow satchel but mine is off-white so few more months before the weather will be good enough to use it....
    so at the moment my everyday bag is my LV monogram Speedy 30. Before that it was my chocolate Mulberry Soho which I used all through the autumn and winter.
  5. a speedy30, my new mini speedy hl or a gigantic coach black tote. everything else is filler.
  6. --Bordeaux Patent Jimmy Choo Ramona
    --Chocolate Oversize YSL Muse
    --Black Ferragamo Marisa
  7. None of my other bags have seen the light of day since the recent incorporation of Balenciaga bags into my wardrobe!! :biggrin:

    These days you will find me with one of the three bags at the top of my signature... indigo city, ink first, or aqua first.
  8. Lately, it's been My Gérard Darel Charlotte 24 h in beige. It's just so roomy (for my stuff AND my daughter's), so supple and just goes with everything!
  9. Lately it's been my three newest bags:
    -Chloe whiskey Paddington
    -Jimmy Choo khaki Ramona
    - Balenciaga blueberry Day
  10. My LV Speedy 30. But right now it's resting in it's box so that I don't use it too much!
  11. All my LVs seem to do the same thing for me and not just any one bag...and I use and like them all equally.....my favorite is just any of my LVs for me

    At first, I had a favorite from time to time...but since its all the same pattern...they all have different uses and so they seem like parts of the same thing....:shame:
  12. You're in the right forum for a general handbag question. Most of the winter I used my Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock black bowler. I've switched over to a Bottega Veneta braided handle tote. Usually I use one of my BV's.
  13. Right now I am using my very big Betsey Johnson, this spring I will my rockin' my pewter Prada and this summer it will be my white Gucci.

  14. Right now I'm using my new Fendi Spy Moncler -- limited "cold" weather time so I'm getting the most arm time now.
    Spring/Summer my Ivory Paddy.
  15. Since I've been in school, I've been switching off between my large black Chanel Cambon tote, Chanel Cambon beige multipocket reporter, LV Mezzo and LV Batignolles Horizontal.