Which bag are you getting next?

  1. Surprisingly I cannot decide. I have a mono Speedy 30, Damier Speedy 25, mono wapity and a Fushcia Reade PM and don't know which bag I want next. Hmmmm....
  2. i'm eyeing on a conte de fees musette or beggar :P
  3. i'm thinking of a Manhattan GM, Damier Duomo and Pochette Tulum, but i'd have to see them in person first. and i'm also watching a Conte de Fees Musette and Monogram Klara on eBay :biggrin:

    oh, and if i ever find another one, i'd love a lilac Epi Jasmin :love:. i lost one on eBay some time ago :cry:, so now i'm watching for it like a hawk.
  4. I want the Manhattan PM or GM - Also Multi Speedy in White - Epi Pochette in RED
  5. damier azur speedy
    Saleya PM
    Pochette tikal
  6. Suhali Lockit (white):love:
    Manhattan PM (Maybe):idea:
  7. I am waiting to see the new damier line before I make up my mind.
  8. I SO want an Ellipse PM!:heart::love:
  9. Probably a multiplicite!
  10. Well, after I get over mourning the loss of my black MC Trouville :crybaby: (only works handheld for me), I am eyeing the BH!!
  11. BH
    Damier Speedy 25
    Reade PM
    :love: i wish i could buy all 3 bags at the same time!!!
  12. I've been obsessing over the grey stamped bag lately and anything Damier Azur.
  13. Get the BH. You won't regret it!
  14. Pochette, then BH, then Damier Speedy(25 or 30 can't decide).
  15. I'm just eyeing accessories right now (Groom Rond and a cles) since I just got my Speedy and I'm in love. :love:
    I'd like to get a Wapity in black MC and eventually a Popincourt Haut or other shoulder bag. :tender: