Which bag are you getting for the Fall/Winter 09?

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  1. Just curious, what is everyone planning on getting this Fall/Winter? I'll start. I am on the waitlist for the Mono Eclipse Speedy. But I also am going to get the Glam Flower Key Ring/Charm.
  2. I am in love with the Irene. Definitely getting it for my b-day in Nov. or the Mahina.
  3. I wish I could get the Sistina PM!
  4. The Irene and Sistina are both beautiful. If I don't end up getting the Eclipse Speedy, my second choice would be the Irene.
  5. I like to get an epi bag, like a alma or jasmine in cassis. I wish I could afford a amarante vernis alma, but that won't happen.
  6. I'm on the list for Mono Eclipse Alma.

    Can't wait! :biggrin:
  7. Gold Eclipse Speedy 28 and the new upcoming key charms (Flocon, Looping Multicolore, Delice and Glam Flower)!!

    Not sure about MC Courtney
  8. To be honest, the only one I´d love to get woud be the Neo Alma but this is way out of my price range... So, no bag for me.
  9. Black MC Courtney! I've never owned a MC bag before.
  10. I am hoping to get a Trevi PM...an oldie but a goodie. :P
  11. i like the sistina. i would also entertain the idea of a bleu nuit alma??????
  12. MC Courtney black for sure!
  13. Probably nothing. I'm waiting for the Cruise collection :smile:
  14. Melrose Avenue in amarante.
    Were can I find pics of the new bagcharms?
  15. ya i wanna see bag charms tooo!!!!im anoyed bec im googling my butt off and i cant find them!!!
    any wayyyse ...

    & o8 o9 wish
    & caprice bag charm :smile: