Which bag (any designer) like a LV BH or Gucci Sukey tote or Chanel GST?


Nov 4, 2013
I’m looking for a new (to me) bag. I was considering the following:

- LV Baginolles horizontal (I like it but something keeps me from pulling the trigger; wish it came as different pattern as I already have 2 LV Palermo mono)
- Chanel grand shopping tote (too pricey even pre-owned)
- Gucci Sukey large tote (too big on me ? (I‘m 5;5” 180 lbs))
- Gucci Sukey medium tote (too small)
- LV Manhattan mono (small, mono, heavy)

I hold typical purse stuff plus sometimes a 13-14” laptop or an iPad and some legal pads. I prefer a bag that can go on my shoulder and arm - but am flexible for the right purse).

I had my heart set on the Gucci medium or large and am really disappointed that neither appeasers to be the right size for me (based on the dimensions). I wish I knew why I can’t pull the trigger on the LV BH but something is holding me back.

What else would you consider? Should I reconsider the Sukeys (which) or the BH? Anyone my size have a large Sukey you can show me a sideways pic?

I’m looking to spending less than $1K. Pre-owned is totally fine.