Which B. Fendi should I keep?

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So which should I choose?

  1. Brown/black

  2. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! In the end I decided to make it a Fendi day :lol: I ordered 2 B. Fendi bags and a black spy hobo.

    I am definitely keeping the hobo, but need help deciding which B. Fendi to go with. Being that I have never seen this bag in person, I do NOT NEED BOTH!




    I think the white looks so modern, but the brown is just too cute. Please help!!!!!!!
  2. Bown black - not sure why, just like it better. The hite is beautiful though.
  3. i like the white... the black and brown looks too antique for me...
  4. the white is so clean and angular, i really like it.
  5. although the white is cute... the brown and black 'pops' out more.. hmmm this is difficult... sorry not much help here.... i like both just as much.. hmmmmmmm ok i change my mind.. i think i like the brown/black more... hehehe
  6. If you've got lots of white & light colored handbags already. I think you should get the brown/black one. Very nice combo :idea:
  7. I love the brown/black combo. :love:
  8. Yeah...I guess I do too, maybe I've been brainwashed by those Vouge ads or whatever, or maybe I don't really like white cause it so high mantinence..?

    whatever the reason...Brown with Black trims!
  9. I love the detail on the brown/black one..
  10. Do you think the brown/black is going to be too common though? It seems to be a popular color. Bleh, I am so confused!
  11. Not that I know of. I just bought this one from Paris and was told they only produce a few pieces of each design and don't repeat it. That's how they account for 54 variations of it over the next few seasons.

    I'll go for the black-brown because it's so much more outstanding, easy to maintain and European chic!
  12. Oh my goodness, a B Fendi that I finally like. The white is quite nice. The buckles look like they belong on the bag, rather than wildy oversized. I think it would be the perfect spring bag. Different enough, without shouting, "look at my buckles, aren't they big and shiny??" :biggrin: (can you tell I wasn't a B Fendi fan before)
  13. Wow, the score is tied 5/5 now!
  14. LOVE brown/black combo! :love: :love: The white/white combo just looks too washed out to me. The black buckles just make the bag pops!!
  15. Another vote for the brown/black ... gorgeous!!:love: