Which b-bags should come on christmas vaccation?


Sep 6, 2006
While many of you receive gorgeous new b-bags :yes: . I am sticking with growing difficulty to my purseban.:sweatdrop:
Good that christmas vaccation is coming up, so I'm pretty busy.
Which bags do you think I should take along?
We will be in Berlin/Germany over the christmasweek. I love the christmas atmposphere there.

Choices: camel, RV city, greige, ink day; hubby is positive I should only take two. Maybe he wants to get me a french blue over there (oh wishful thinking :drool: :s )

I will mostly take beige, brown and winterwhite clothes as well as the usual black and darkblue denims. I think i will only take one wintercoat (toscana lamb/suede choclate)

By the way do you guys know where I can find b-bags in Berlin ? (Just for fun!)
Definitely Ink day, and then for me it's a tie between the Caramel and the Rouge! Rouge would be more festive, but Caramel would go with more clothing - so it's a tie!
I had voted for the RV instead of the camel because you said your clothing would be beige, winterwhite, brown.. so I thought the red would be more different - otherwise your top AND your bag'll be a shade of beige/brown.