Which B-bags have feet?

  1. I know Works and Weekenders have them...Days do not. What about the other styles? :confused1:
  2. Bowling and Mini Bowling have them
  3. Twiggy does not.

    I wish you well,

  4. first, city and purse don't have feet.
  5. Part time have feets!! =D so excited!!
  6. I love the title of this thread. It just makes me smile.
  7. what are feet i am new
  8. welcome! "Feet" are the studs on the bottom of a bag so that when you set the bag down, the bottom of the bag isn't touching the surface.

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm adding this to my checklist when authenticating bags on eBay...;) :graucho:
  9. thnx am learning new things thnx to the forum
  10. since b-bags are so slouchy, I really see feet being pointless, unless those bags have stiff bottoms.
  11. ^^^That's exactly what I think allison!!!!:lol:
  12. ^^ maybe so, but i think they're cute!!! :cutesy: