Which B-bags are on your wish list at this very moment?

  1. There's probably a thread on this already somewhere but I figure I might as well just start a new one. :P

    In no particular order, I want:
    1) A Day in some kind of green/khaki shade. Origan maybe.
    2) Anything in calcaire
    3) Something in blue india, either a City, First, or Part-Time
    4) Black Twiggy or First
    5) Black Work
    6) Ice blue Day
    7) Anything in seafoam, teal, or pistachio.
  2. a part time in white or blueberry
  3. anis twiggy.

    ok... had to add- I'm lusting a rouge vif city.
  4. Something in the work size. I'm not too sure yet. Maybe a REALLY bright fun spring color. Or a strong dark color.

    And definitely something in white. Maybe a first?

    Of course, if a seafoam popped up, I doubt I'd be able to say no. So seafoam something? Classique? Probably.

    hehe this is going to be endless.
  5. -rouge vif First
    -black City
    -still waiting for the perfect green color to come along
  6. i've always wanted something 04 rose, but i doubt i would ever use it. it's just not an easy color for me to integrate into my wardrobe, but i think it is just so pretty.

    i also love calcaire- i think a first or twiggy would be great.

    and i'm kinda itching for ink again. probably an ink first...
  7. After seeing Amour's seafoam first, I'm craving seafoam! But also 03 emerald and maybe a work...
  8. 05' teal city or work :love:
    03' red city :tender:
    Rouge theatrer purse :heart: :heart:
    Rouge vif work or purse :blush:
    Is it too much? :shrugs: :shame:
  9. '05 Day in Teal *sigh*
  10. Purse in black, greige, cognac or a dark brwon
    work in a neutral colour
    day in a bright spring colour (I'll wait for 07 because ebay germany or Uk don't offer much options)
    twiggy in a nice red
  11. Here's my wishlist:

    Dark brown or black Day hobo
    Black shoulder/clutch
    Black compagnon
    Grenat twiggy or city
    Work in ???
  12. I think the next one on my list is the shopping tote in ink!
  13. caramel 06 work
    blue india work
  14. S/S 05' Black CITY/WORK
  15. At some point down the line, a Truffle/ Cognac/ some-shade-of-brownortan Twiggy. I don't have a brown yet, but I am really well covered for colours now. I have something that matches pretty much *everything* in my wardrobe, now that I got the Black Twiggy. My olive shirts were being unworn, but the black looks stunning with them : )

    If I am absolutely dreaming, an 03/ 04 blue bag with silver hardware in a Twiggy. : ) Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming : ) (the list gets longer as I think harder!) - the 04 Orange Twiggy w/ silver hardware. Gorgeous!

    I wish you well,