Which B-bag???

  1. hey girls i need some help. I have one bal bag which i love to death by far my fave bag ever. Anyways since my mom pays for my bags i can only get like one a year. I have a grass green city and i got that jan/feb '07.
    I was wondering if u girls can help me pick my next b-bag. I was at holts yesterday and while going up the escalator the new b-bags caught my eye the bubblegum pink and magenta were tdf!
    I'm not sure what shapes those two bags are coming in. Are they gonna be avaiable in step???
    Is the sphere still being made???

    and which one should i go for? magenta? or BG?

    one last thing is the violet sold out everywhere cuz i love that too??

    thanks in advance
  2. I particularly am loving the BG than Magenta simply because I know Magenta's colour is much more washed out than the previous 2 Magentas (though some people prefers it this way) also I am not mad about Magenta's leather in comparo to BG nice thick leather..so my vote goes to BG :nuts:
  3. ya i noticed that too when i was going up the escalator in holt's the magenta seemed washed out and the bg was so vibrant it caught my attention from the corner of my eye.
  4. i happen to like the magenta more than the BG
  5. I saw both colors in person at Saks the other day, and I have to say, I liked BG a lot better, especially the leather.
  6. I dig the Magenta more, I like the washed out coloring, it will make it more wearable, IMHO, especially since I'm moving back to NY after my semester abroad, and bright colors are strongly discouraged in NYC ;)
  7. really strong colors are discouraged in nyc???? why is that???
  8. ^ they love darker colors i'd say mainly b/c of the weather

    i vote for BG. all the magentas i've seen are really veiny while the BGs are smooshy
  9. I saw them both at NM and i like the Magenta more. :yes:If you can find one with deeper & richer color and better leather i would pick Magenta.:tup: I personally prefer the 07 leather to 08 ones so far.:smile:
  10. wow thats sucks cuz i totally would not fit in there. My whole closet is soooo colorful.
  11. lol it's not like a waiver you sign when you move to/are born in NYC, it's just that we all wear dark colors. It's striking when you're a tourist (when my bf (from Maine) visited me the first, his reaction was "Where's the funeral?" :lol: I'd say my wardrobe is a solid 80% black, with some ebene, dark grey, and navy thrown in for variance.
  12. I thought maybe you meant bright colors would be a target for pursesnatcher since they can see it? Is this why everyone in NYC always wears black?
  13. lol i barely have any black in my closet. I can literally count all my black clothes on one hand. I wanna visit nyc so bady i guess i'll be standing out like crazy.
  14. I guess this is off topic but You're so right! When i moved back to Manila from NYC, everyone would ask me why I was always in black. I'm still not over it, and I honestly prefer darker colored accessories (pine, plomb, mogano, tomato, violet) and have a really tough time with anything remotely "pastel".

    That said, I would choose the darker, more vibrant pink (only because of my wardrobe - a light pink just wouldn't work for me).

    As for violet, I just scored a violet Courier from Real Deal Collection and am extremely happy with it!
  15. Pursesnatching is not that rampant here, but bright colors are usually indicative of a tourist. What is pretty prevalent in the very crowded parts of NYC is someone slipping their hand into your handbag and taking your wallet right out, which is why I hold my bag to my body like grim death and only use zippered bags. Black is just easier I guess.

    It depends where you are, in Times Square, everyone is a tourist, so you won't stand out too much. You go down to the financial district, near WTC, yea everyone is in black and the tourists stick out something fierce. NYC is awesome, you'd totally have a blast!

    haha this post has definitely gone a little off topic, but it's okay, it's about matching bags to wardrobes! I agree, darkercolors are just better and it's really hard to try and wear light colors. It's always funny to walk into JCrew or Banana Republic and everything on the sale racks is in color. Damned if I'll ever find black trousers on sales at BR!

    Yea the Pale Magenta is definitely more of a NY friendly pink than the Petal Pink. But different strokes for different folks, if someone has their heart set on Petal Pink, power to them, they'll rock it.... it is after all, a Balenciaga. :yes:

    Oooh! Congrats, congrats!!! Post pictures! I love Violet and I keep thinking I want Violet but I want to first snag the 08s and work on getting the FW07s that I've finally decided I still want and thus must track down. Jaune is such a pretty color and I think in head to toe black or dark top and dark jeans, it would look lovely.