Which B-Bag to Bring?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some help deciding on which bag to bring on my cruise. Here are my options:

    1. Black Twiggy (w/missing strap)
    2. Black City
    3. Ink Day

    I am going on my cruise at the end of this month and will be going to the Bahamas. Any advice on which of these bags will be most useful please let me know. Thanks!! (Happy B-Day PF!!!!!)
  2. I vote for the black twiggy.
  3. I think the Ink day. You can carry all you need, be hands free, and it's a brighter color for the Bahamas!
  4. 0o0o hard choice... ummm, im going to say twiggy :nuts:
  5. I say black twiggy, it can transition between day and night easily and it carries a lot if you get off the ship and wanna go shopping
  6. 2nd this - black twiggy
  7. black twiggy
  8. INK Day definitely!!!:yahoo:
  9. Wow, so far I am leaning towards the black Twiggy. Surprised no one mentioned the City. Since the strap is missing on my Twiggy I will most likely remove the black strap from my City and use it on the Black Twiggy. Both straps are supposed to be about 25" long so I think I can get away with it.
  10. No brainer...bring them ALL...LOL!
  11. black City
  12. I'll go for the black city.
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