Which B-Bag style do you use the most?

  1. My B-Bag collection has been growing recently and I was wondering which style you use more than another. My first bag was the First but because it was the pony hair and someone told me it was a “winter bag” I decided to get a city. I find that even though I still like wearing the First, I get more usage out of the City. Yesterday I just purchased the Day and now I am starting to wonder if I will get more usage out of this bag because of all the stuff I like to carry and possibly use it as my work bag.

    Which style do you find the most use out of?
  2. Definitely the day/hobo! I had a city size in emerald, but returned it because it didn't work for me. I also have a first, but it seems a little too small.
  3. I grab firsts, first.
    Unless I'm going out for the day with both kids and need sweaters and stuff, or if I need to bring my laptop somewhere...then I bring a city!
  4. I use the first the most lately since I've stopped carrying a lot.
  5. Im a City girl, but since my first just arrived yesterday, Ill be taking that one out for a test drive.
  6. Well, I only have one :shame: and its a City, so that's the one I use the most. But I'm really jonesing after a Weekender, and a Day. And a Work, and a First........I can't wait til I start working - maybe I'll actually be able to afford these bags! :blink:
  7. City but I'd like to get one first for when I don't carry much.
  8. I used my First everyday when I was on vacation in Florida but I am wondering if the Pony Hair really is just for the winter. Do fur Bags and summer mix?
  9. welp, i use my emerald green purse during the week, since it's the puuuuuuuurfect bag to bring to work :greengrin: ...and i've been using my black twiggy on the weekends...i've gotta grey day/hobo sitting in my closet, but i haven't taken her out yet (shame on me ):shame: ...and i'm lusting after an ink blue first or the courier in that pretty new red color (grenat) :love:
  10. My two Balenciagas are both Twiggys, and that was no accident. I love the long, shallow bag. They are best for me. They hold so very, very much. They are big enough for my day to day stuff and I don't mind if they are a little big for weekend. The City is deep and I don't like digging for stuff, especially since the Balenciagas only have the one zip pocket. When I get more, they will likely be Twiggies : ) Another thing that makes me think this will be true is - $995 for a first and $1055 for a twiggy. Doesn't make sense to me to spend 1K on a weekend only bag.

    I wish you well,

  11. I love my day/hobo the best.
  12. i use my work as my everyday bag
  13. I love to use my city especially as an every day bag and for work but bbecause of my new rotation program I carry the first this week and it's a bit small and I have to sqeeze everything in. Next week will be Gaucho time. Actually I would just love to use my city every day but I have such a bad conscience that my other beauties are just sitting in the dark in their dustbags.
  14. I only have a first but I wouldn't have it any other way! It is the perfect size for my everyday needs!
  15. my twiggy and city get the most outtings!