Which B bag should I get for my first Fendi

  1. Hi everyone,

    It is my first Fendi purchase. I like both B bag and the east west B bag. I couldn't decide which one to get. So I got the east/west B bag. Since it was a hard to make a decision, My SA said she could hold the other B bag for me, so I really need to make a decision quick. I need your opinions. Thanks. Here is the east/west bag I bought, I love the color.

    I don't have a pic of the other B bag, so here is the link:
  2. Personally, I love the Bbag (the one you linked to from Saks.) I just bought one myself from another tpf'er. Mine is black with burnished chains. It doesn't hold the ton of stuff I schlep around on an average day in my LV Speedy 30, so it is a "special occasion" bag for me, but on those days? It is gorgeous and elegant and classic.
  3. Yah, I agree, the B bag is not functional for everyday use, it's quite heavy and I found it such a hassle to open it every time. But it is such an eye-catching bag though.
  4. duplicate post - sorry!
  5. I think I like the blue one. I agree with the others it seems more like a special occasion bag but very pretty! If I had a choice I personally would like it in black
  6. I :heart: Bbags. Honestly, if I love a bag, I carry as little or as much as it allows. If you can do that, go for it. If not, you may want to consider the medium BBags.
  7. Definetely the original B-Bag (Saks.com link)!!
  8. I like both but it depends on the size you need as well.
  9. Hi,
    I just bought the one you have but in BLACK.

    The flap is quite a hassle sometimes... but well...
    Its suitable for everyday...I have been using it everyday since I got it last week.
    The size is perfect for me too.

    I like the patent / nappa leather combi.
  10. I loe the Bbag. It's really gorgeous. The east west has a really great color, but I would stick to the B.