which b-bag is this?

  1. to all the b bags pros, i fell in love with this bag~~

    who knows what colour and most importantly which size is it??

    thx a million~~
  2. pic
    b bag.jpeg
  3. ~~~
  4. Boy, that little picture isn't easy to tell...the color is likely '05 Bordeaux or '06 Grenat. If she's really small it could be the City, but may also be the Work.
  5. click the pic...so it's a bit bigger to see~~

    i always thought there shouldnt be so much room across the shoulder if it's the work.....it's maybe the city, but it kinda of looking bigger....

  6. I remember that episode and lovingggg that color! But I can't remember what size it was... I'll try to check it out again later today.
  7. i think it s a broken in work grenat!
  8. to me is a work too
  9. I thought purse at first, but the bottom corners look more square
    I'm guessing work too
  10. I'd say it's definitely a work.
  11. The picture is too blurry to tell. However, I'll go with work.
  12. My thought is a work also- love that color! It makes me want to get a work for myself!!
  13. My vote is a Work as well! It's too big to be a City.
  14. haha.....thank you so much guys~~

    really appreciate it~~

    i snap shot that pic from 'big shot' haha~~

    sry coulndt make it clearer~~

    i m so getting a work now~~hoho~