Which B-bag do you use the least?

  1. Since we have Which bag do you reach for over and over? thread...

    Why don't we talk about our "LEAST" used B bag and why?

    For me, it would be my "Rouile City" because the leather is so thin so the bag doesn't drop nicely. The color is pretty though- a great neutral.
  2. I never use my black first. Too small. I have had it for several years and I have only used it a handful of times.

    I would LOVE a rouille city! I absolutely love that color!

    The turquoise.. honestly does not go with my skintone. And I bought in decent shape but it's not good enough to sell on eBay. I doubt I would break even. But it's a gorgeous bag and I like to look at it once in a while!

    The white first.. it's not WHITE! ajgkdgsd. I didn't realize I was so nitpicky about white being stark white. I'm hoping I will get over it and start using that baby once summer comes.
  4. Probably my lilac 06 city due to not having a lot to go with it in my wardrobe, but it's my favorite Bal color so I love to just look at it and admire it at home.
  5. i never used my RV Day, so sadly i sold it :crybaby:

    i would take it out to drool over the leather now and again, but for months it sat in my closet. i hope whoever bought it takes it out and loves it in public!
  6. I have never used my Grenat PT YET! I love the color and style I just have never gotten around to carrying it yet! I'm a bad mommy!:roflmfao:
  7. It's my favourite! I wear black all the time so I bought a pair of Taupe Lilac shoes to match!
    I have not taken my Blue India PT and Sapin City out of their boxes yet!
  8. Hee hee. I like this thread.

    I have only used my Black First once. But that's b/c I hardly ever go out at night :crybaby:
  9. Rouge VIF City, '06 Lilac and off white and pink Pony Hair. I save the Pony for dress and I just can't seem to fit the red and lilac into my wardrobe even though they are both gorgeous, they get a little neglected.
  10. I haven't carried my Rouge Vif twiggy yet. It just never seems like the right bag for what I'm doing. I've got a couple of other uncarried ones, but she's gone uncarried the longest, so she wins.
  11. I don't use my 2001 le dix classique too much.

    a.) it's too small for an everyday bag for me.

    b.) I don't want to overuse it. It's the jewel of my handbag collection.
  12. I've got a wonderful 2004 Orange/Pumpkin First, which I'm too nervous to use. It's become a bit of a showpiece and only comes out of its box, when I want to admire its wonderful colour. I must say, though, that I find the First too small for everyday use and I much prefer my City bags.
  13. My rouge theatre city............for me, it's a Fall red. She'll get plenty of use this upcoming Fall and Winter. I'd love to get a VIF mini bowling for the spring.
  14. Great thread...it's interesting to see which colors we love but also what stops us from carrying them.

    I use all my bags pretty equally because I make a point of it. Except for my Ink Clutch, but ONLY because I like to carry her where I'm going someplace where I don't feel like want the versatility of a strap (like a bar with friends, etc.).

    And of course it's always changing, but if I put my bags in the order of how often I want to use them, it would look like this right now:

    1) Anthracite City
    2) Rouille Twiggy
    3) Olive Day
    4) Griege First
    5) Ink Clutch
    6) Marron First (but only because her leather is so dry...I worry about her! I saw a thread here about LMb's Silk Serum and I might try it.)
  15. ITA! It was my very first light colored bag, and I'm paranoid of getting it dirty. But spring is here, and I really should take her out. :yes: