Which B-Bag cost $1,680 as pictured?

  1. I like the bag, but I think the price tag is wrong. This is from the latest issue of US Weekly.
  2. LOL.. none, they're dumb.
  3. Who knows ... maybe the bag is $1680 in Hollywood!!!

    Actually, had called Susan's (San Fran) re: my Rouge Vif Quilted and it's whereabouts. The S/A was telling me about a Snakeskin B-Bag (she had described it as an East-West style) ... for only $3980!!!

    I've also seen the Crocodile Work bag ... beautiful, but major-league buck-a-roos!! For that amount of money ... I'll go for a Hermes Bag, thank you!
  4. Rouge Vif Quilted? CeeJay, that sounds amazing!
  5. I like Glimmer's answer. :lol: That looks like a fake receipt made just to show what she bought.
  6. Huh? That receipt is ridiculous. :rolleyes: :lol: It's a black city $1195.
  7. I just got that magazine (US) yesterday and i was laughing so hard :lol: $1680? :nuts: specially, since Nicole had that bag forever now & it should cost less.:P
  8. exactly:yes:
  9. If it's pewter hardware and she got it off of eBay, it could have been that price. lol
  10. ^yeah, i can see nicole sniping balenciagas on eBay!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. LOL LOL LOL :roflmfao:
  12. Haha, I'd love to sell a bbag and see the winning bidder be a 'Nicole Richie'. :nuts: :P
  13. The price looks like it's in Australian Dollars (minus customs charges)! LOL! :nuts:
  14. lol :lol:
  15. Actually she bought it before the price hike, I'm sure ... so it was probably $1,095, right?
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