which b-bag are you carrying today?

  1. rose twiggy for me because i am feeling girly today.

    which one are you carrying today?
  2. Black work! I love this bag!!!
  3. Damn I love that rose Robotdoll! Just beeee-you-tiful.

    I carried my Grey Compagnon today - that's all!
  4. Black hobo!! my old faithful...
  5. Today I am carrying the ink first, my one and only b-bag.
  6. Grenat city!
  7. i'm carrying my coffee flat brass '02 classique because i'm going accompanying my friend's shopping gift for her mom & i don't wanna weigh myself bringing too much stuff if i bring my bigger b-bags :P
  8. Ink work, my ONLY bbag.:heart:
  9. Black First ! :yes: :heart:
  10. Brand new grenat work!
  11. 05 Sky Blue Twiggy.

    I wish you well,

  12. Magenta city :love:
  13. Rouille 06 Day.
  14. my beloved black twigster :tender:
  15. my new black day! I just got it from Barney's NY on Friday... I'm so in love! :smile:
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