Which Azur Wallet Should I Get?


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Mar 12, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
Hi Everyone, First Thread Ever, I am Usually just a Reader......

But I cannot decide for the first time ever...... Which wallet should I get to go inside my Damier Azur NF? It is the PM size, I am only 4'9" so everything I get is has to be in miniature! I already have the Mini Pochette in Azur to go with but too many choices for the wallet.

Which wallet would you think would go best? / Which wallet is your fav in Azur?


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Sep 23, 2008
If you want something small I think the French Purse, the Koala or the Zippy Coin Purse would all be excellent choices. You can get some in azur, or like other posters mentioned, vernis is always gorgeous with bags! Good luck with your decision!