Which Azur bag would you recommend?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting another azur bag and I'm wondering which one you would recommend. I'm looking for an everyday bag and my choices are neverfull mm, speedy 30 or speedy b 30. Where I live it's pretty hot/sunny most of the year so I think I will get a ton of use out of an azur bag, however I don't like the darkening of the vachetta much but oh well.
    Please let me know which you think would make a good every day bag.

  2. Neverfull MM
  3. It's not on your list but I absolutely LVoe my Damier azur delightful mm with rose ballerine interior. It's my only DA bag. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468020224.139328.jpg
  4. Artsy or Delightful. [emoji5]
  5. Favorite MM, it's my only azur bag and I love it!
  6. You can't never go wrong with a Speedy B!
  7. Which do you prefer hobo or tote or satchel.
  8. I vote for Neverfull! It is so versatile. I spent years thinking "I don't get why people pay $1k+ for a tote bag!" and now I have the MM and PM and I totally get it. They're the best!

    I should admit that I don't love bags that I can't put on my shoulder, so I suppose I am biased against the classic Speedy.
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  9. The Neverfull is wonderful, now all you need is the GM. I agree I am not particularly fond of bags that I can't put on my shoulder with one exception. I do love the Alma. I have the speedy and I love it but if I bought another one it would be the Speedy B because of the shoulder strap. I never was fond of the idea of buying the same bag in different sizes or colors or patterns, however the Neverfull made me rethink this. :cool:
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  10. Twist my arm and talk me in to it!!! I went in 2 weeks ago and looked at the GM DA with RB interior. I almost bought it, but it was SO MUCH bigger than the MM. Then I got home and was packing for a weekend trip to the mountains (family home so I don't have to worry about theft/damage/etc.) and the MM was just too small. And I went in today and purchased the Neverfull DA in PM size. I feel like I'm on the brink of buying the GM!
  11. I was convinced when I went to the LV store that I was going to buy the MM, I am only 5'1, the MM is a great bag, but I work a lot ( have to pay for my LV's) anyway I found the mm to small for my needs, because I am always on the go, I live at work. Also I found that even though I'm a shorty my size warranted a bigger bag. I overwhelmed the mm( to much in the caboose). The GM is a large bag but I cinch it and it is the size of an MM but I have more room. Well, I have cinched it so much it stays folded in without cinching. There is a picture of my bag in the what's in your bag section it is the azur. I never thought I would like a Neverfull, but honestly it is the only bag in the LV line that I think I need more than one. I love this bag the Gm size you can carry anything. Have a good time in the mountains.
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  12. +1 Neverfull MM
  13. I'd say Neverfull or Delightful - in my experience it's best to avoid Azur bags with a zipper, because the light fabric of the zipper is the first thing to get dirty/grey and cannot really be helped. I have the Delightful PM and am very happy with it :smile:.
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  14. Neverfull MM or Speedy you can't go wrong with either! Good luck deciding!
  15. I say delightful
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