Which Azur bag for summer?

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  1. Which azur bag do you think looks the best? I am thinking to pick one from the new riviera gm, Siracusa GM or Figheri gm. Generally I like big bag with zipper. I like Figheri but don't like the way handles always stay upright. Riviera gm and Siracusa gm- they both seem a little bulky when carry on the shoulder by the long strap. I owned Salyea mm and loved it but want to replace it with a new azur bag. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. What about the totally?
  3. I know a lot of people love totally but to me it still kind of looks like a diaper bag- just personal opinion.:P Plus two of my friends have this bag but both in mono.
  4. I would pick the artsy mm but out of your choices it would be the siracusa!👍
  5. I havent had a chance to see the Rivera in person yet, but I'm thinking of either getting the Rivera or the Siracusa for myself, so I have to recommend those. Good luck choosing. I know I'm having a hard time!
  6. Siracusa has my vote
  7. Riviera mm .... So nice 😊
  8. Love the Siracusa!
  9. Siracusa GM!

  10. I love Artsy! But I am uncomfortable with the open top. I am just so paranoid that things will fall off out of my bag. I think Artsy doesn't even have any clip to secure the bag. Too sad.................
  11. I like the Riviera ;)

  12. I agree!
  13. It seems most of you like Siracusa GM out of these three bags. It surprises me because I thought most people will pick Riviera MM since this is a new style. I have tried Siracusa GM and Figheri GM before but couldn't make a decision. I will go to store to try Riviera MM. Hopefully somebody will post Riviera MM molding pictures soon. Thanks everybody.
  14. I like the shape and function (outside pockets, zipper top) of the Figheri. Good luck and let us know what you decide. I wonder if the Figheri straps are comfortable? If you are able to try one, please let us know what you think.
  15. Neverfull azur mm with the clip is pretty secure when clipped (and cinched)