Which AW should I purchase?

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  1. I am so torn on which bag to get! I have a mustard yellow Rocco from about 3 years ago but I am unhappy with how much color transfer/fading there has been so I was considering purchasing a new rocco in black most likely (I have also heard the quality issues have been solved and it seems like the leather is now harder which I like) but I am very torn because I also would love a Diego or a Lia. What do you ladies think?
  2. My opinions are pretty biased, but I love the black rocco with rose gold HW! It's so sturdy. I wear my rocco about 2-3 times a week and I've had it since June of last year. No issues quite yet. The leather is so beautiful and soft.

    On a side note, my second pick would be the lia. I think it's a gorgeous bag. Not a fan of bucket bags so the Diego is a no for me. :smile:
  3. I agree, first pick is Rocco and second is the Lia. The Diego is a cool bag but it was just a pain for me to get in and out of and it would always swing around and hit things because it was bottom heavy.
  4. I would also get the Rocco, then Lia. I have a Rockie, and want a rocco as well. I just love how much I can fit in the Rockie, such a practical bag.
  5. Rocco first! Rocco is an awesome chic bag !
  6. so I bought a Rockie and Lia from the outnet..I cannot decide which to keep (cannot afford both right now )
  7. Oooo, which colors????
  8. the Rockie in Heritage and the Lia in grey. both so pretty! I already have a rocco but the rockie is so cute.. I love the lia as well but a bit worried about the light color
  9. Mod pics please!!