Which are your favorite "nudes" ?

  1. I just love the patent nude color. I think my favorites are the 110 yoyo's I had them but had to sell them since they were unfortunately a tad too small, but I really miss them and would love to find a pair again. I just got the 85 with the curved heel this past week and I think they will be extremly practical but I really miss the 110 straight heel such a shame that he will not make it anymore.

    I think all nude patent VP's and NP's come next.

    Which are your favorites?
  2. I love the nude patent VP and NP. IMO, nude patent is very flattering and makes most everyone's legs look long :nuts: I also read here that the simple pumps are going to be available in nude patent? If so, they will also top my list for favorite nudes.
  3. My favorite nude is the color that CL officially labels as "nude" -- i.e. the mauve/pinkish nude on VP's, Yoyo 110's, etc etc. A close second would be the color officially labeled as "camel" (tan-ish looking) as in the Decollete 868. I also have a cement gray-ish neutral CL (Rolande) and love that too. CL does a lot of great neutrals!
  4. :sad:I don't have any nudes. I have 2 on pre-order though. I'm dark skinned, so I hope the color looks good on me.
  5. I don't have any nudes but I think they look fabulous on VP's and Simples.
  6. Hands down...my YoYo110's..... the patent nude leather is a perfect blend to my natural skin tone:tup:
  7. I like the look of the nude VP's & NP's in the patent and regular leather especially with the gold tip.
  8. I like the nude VP's the best. :yes:
  9. I have patent nude CLs, but, unfortunately, they wash me out. So, while they look beautiful on the shelf, they are not my favorite. My favorites are the "camel" color ones that foxy mentioned above. I have a pair of camel Simples that I adore. I also love the nude paillete VPs. I don't have them yet, but I think they'll be very flattering on me.
  10. VP w/ burgandy tip & the Rolande.... and I have yet to get my hands on either! :sad:
  11. I dont have a pair but I have been lusting over a pair of VP with gold tip. I drool every time I see them. Stunning shoe!
  12. I dont own any nudes (yet) my the favorite I've seen is the patent nude VP. I'd kill for a pair!
  13. Here is a pic of my new nude......haha that sounds funny! I haven't worn her yet, but I am trying to find the right outfits. Also, I need a little color on my legs first. I just bought a new blouse that has the CL pale pink/blush color with cream and brown. It will look great with brown slacks and my NUDE VP!!! What outfits do you all wear the nude patent with?
  14. ^ Ahh there they are again, my favorite nude :love:
  15. I love the patent nude with the pink/mauve tone. The nudes alone have driven my collection. I cannot say which is my favorite, I :heart: them all, the very prive, no. prive, rolande, yoyo, ballerina, it is like asking which is your favorite child.