which are your collector's pieces? Which are the in-and-outs?

  1. here are mine

    collector's pieces:

    Dior Gaucho
    Chloe mini paddington with shoulder straps
    Chloe front pocket paddington
    Chloe quilted bay
    Chloe Edith
    LV speedy
    Fendi spy
    Balenciaga whistle bags

    in-and-out s
    Chloe tall paddington
    Chloe bay satchel
    Chloe silverado
    Gucci blue wave hobo
    Prada tessuto city
    Dior rebelle

    Going to start getting some chanels to add in my collector's pieces.
  2. err..what exactly do you mean by collectors and ins/outs? Like limited editions:confused1:
  3. sorry for the confusion, I am again talking in the language only me understand.. lol :sweatdrop:

    collectors - those that you will keep forever

    ins/outs - those that you use for a while then sell or trade for something else..
  4. ohhh! Wasn't sure..hmm... Well when I buy my purses I try to buy them all as collectors, I can't imagine I'd ever not like them, however it has sort of happened. At the moment I have two Guccis that I don't like that much and tried selling but it didn't work. Gucci doesn't have good resale value anyway. That concerns me because I often like *it* bags.

    So to answer your question all my bags are *collectors* for now, except for an LV speedy that I sold because I wanted a bigger size. No reason to list them for comparison since they're all collectors lol.

    I wonder..is anyone else like me who has all their bags as collectors or am I the only one?
  5. My keepers:

    LV petit bucket
    LV monogram pochette
    Coach signature flap bag
    Cynthia Rowley leather tote
    Cynthia Rowley motorcyle bag

    Whats already gone :p:

    Gucci Amanda bag
    Gucci black pochette
    LV cabas piano
    LV mini looping
    LV large looping
    Coach tweed flap bag
  6. My Keepers: :smile:
    LV Damier Alma
    LV Cabbas Mezzo (My work horse, it carries everything)
    Coach Lg. Camel Bucket Bag
    Fendi Spy
    Balenciaga GH Brief
    coach Swingpack
    LV Black Lodge
    Burberry Tote.

    There are a variety of bags that I own and don't use very often but I still love them.

    Then....out, still nice but i would love to make room.

    Coach LadyBug LE Tote
    Coach Signature Black shoulder bag
    LV,Speedy 25 Black Epi
    Burberry DR. Bag

    Hmmmmm........so many purses still to buy and so little time to earn the money :yes:
  7. My Keepers:

    Chloé Vegas Paddington
    Silver Chloé wallet
    Small Chloé Betty
    Argent Paddington Clutch
    All my Radleys

    My "unsure about":

    Balenciaga First in Vert D'eau - just can't decide if it's too small for me!
  8. I like to think that mine are all keepers.

    Tan 05 Chloe Paddington
    Ecru unquilted Bay

    Black YSL muse
    Black YSl Downtown

    Black Chanel jumbo flap with SH.
    Black Chanel 05 reissue 226 w GH.

    Chocolate Mulberry Roxanne

    i would love to get rid of an oak Mulberry Blenheim;I hardly ever use it. But i can't be bothered to sell it so here it stays.
  9. My keepers:
    MBMJ turnlock bowler in black
    MBMJ turnlock teri in black and cordovan
    MJ Blake in Berry
    Hayden Harnett Lorca in Plum
    MBMJ Softy max in tea leaf
    MJ Quilted tote in brown
    Rebecca Minkoff Hobo

    "Ins and outs"
    way too many to list!