Food Which are the best aromatics for Turkey?

I would have to say that my culinary art skills are quite excellent but I have been looking to expand them. For Christmas dinner I shall be preparing the entire meal and I plan to soak the turkey in an iced brine of broth and spices.

I wanted to use the turkey's cavity for aromatics and I was curious about what my options were. I will most likely be using onions and garlic cloves but I would like to know what other flavors were good.:heart:
I have always loved the flavor of sage with poultry, today I made roasted chicken with cracked black pepper and rubbed sage, it was just wonderful.

I am not very familiar with the flavor of thyme but I would like to give it a try sometime.

When I want to add a garlic flavor to the poultry without overpowering it I use a bit of fresh garlic butter. I take fresh butter and mash garlic salt and spices into it, separate the skin from the meat without tearing, and spread the butter beneath the skin.

It makes it so it is crispy on both sides to the skin and adds flavor.:heart: