Which "APPLE" b-bag would you pick??

  1. Well I now the lucky new owner of 2 gerogeous Apple B-bags:nuts: . Of course my apple first , and now my beautiful apple City:love: . (will post pics Sat.) any way, which one will stay, and one will go to a new home? Help me decide. Which would you keep?:amuse: Offers are accepted:biggrin:
  2. OH gosh dont let me pick because for sure I want an apple green city myself!!!!!:lol: :love:
  3. You know what I am going to say! Keep the city & sell the first to me :smile:
  4. My sweetheart of a hubby said " they look like frogs, sell them both"!! LOL. Gosh is is sweet!
  5. Good luck to the person who purchases either (I would prefer the city, of course). At this point, I give up :sad2: ... I just can't justify paying more than retail for an older bag, regardless of it's rarity ... sorry :sad:
  6. CeeJay I think you should get her city bag, I know you want this color so much. ;)
  7. AAWWW CeeJay dont give up:worried: You will find one, and you might even be lucky enough to get it for a really good price. We all get our Bbag break atleast once. We just never know when:biggrin: ;)
  8. What's the condition of the bag? The most I would pay is the retail ($1195) ... but it also depends on the condition of the bag.
  9. Oooh that is a hard decision! I say test drive both first then decide which one you find more practical :amuse:
  10. As of this moment, it hasn't even been used once:nuts: . I haven't had a chance to to take it for a trial run yet. Just opened the box about an hour ago. The original owner, never used it at all :biggrin:
  11. LOL!!! That is totally something my hubby would say too! :lol::lol::lol: What do men know anyway! That color is so amazing :love: Congrats!

    As for the first v. city- which ever one you will wear more is the one you should keep. I personally love my city- its the perfect everyday bag!
  12. Im thinking I really like the city alot too! I'm sitting here looking at it, and the leather is sooooo yummy and soft, and Im really liking the looks of this color on the city:love: . But my first is so darn cute too!!:amazed: Oh what to do:hrmm:
  13. EUREKA ... how 'bout trading the Apple Green City for my brand-new (still in the box - only opened to look at) Emerald City?!?!? [That I just purchased from Bob Ellis]
  14. Oh my!
    Super great offer. But Im just gonna have to pass on this one. Im just really not into the emerald "yet":shame: Thanks though;)
  15. That's the best of both worlds! Keep the Apple First, and get the Emerald City!!! :love::love::love:

    ADD: Sorry, did not see your post ^^^