Which Anthracite should I choose? There’s a quick poll too…


Which Anthracite should I choose?

  1. Anthracite GH Work - sumptuous leather

  2. Anthracite RH Work - worth the wait, all Anthra leather is good

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  1. Should I go with an Anthracite GH Work or the Anthra RH Work?

    The leather on the Anthra GH Work is stunning, however I have not seen the RH Work leather yet.

    If I don’t say yes to the GH Work now, I will totally miss out.

    I am torn between these to different hard wares. GH or RH? Arghhh.

    I have always had a hard time with GH. I don’t know if I love it or I am trying to love it. I feel I can rock the RH anytime, anywhere.

    Should I just take the risk and wait for an RH Anthra Work when I haven’t even seen the leather on it?

    Or would I be crazy to pass up on this GH Anthra Work? The leather is totally yummy!
  2. I think Anthracite is beautiful with the giant hardware, and if the leather's great, I'd stay with that one!
  3. if the GH is not you, go for the RH. i have a work with RH in anthra and the leather is amazingly thick and juicy. i've seen other GH with anthra, specifically crackers, and the bag looks awesome but the GH is still fugly, in my opinion...
  4. I agree. I think Anthracite and Cafe look FABU with giant hardware! :tup:
  5. I can't vote, because it's voting hardware over leather or vice versa... I prefer the small hw, but if you like it on this bag, then get it! Fabulous leather is the #1 factor when deciding what bag to choose, at least for me!
  6. I echo what nicole said, if GH isn't you, then it has to be RH.
  7. Thanks for everyone's input. I feel I have made the right decision about the RH. I am so excited. I was thinking about it so much that I did need some help from my friends on tPF :yes:I'll be sure to post pics...There is a bit of a wait on the Anthracite RH Work, but it will be well worth it. After loooking at all the Anthra posts, I really don't think there has been a bad Anthra leather...I am happy with my decision. Thanks everyone!!!
  8. RH as Anthra is a complex colour but a wadrobe basic which goes with everything
  9. :psorry i'm not a GH fan...i rather go for RH anthracite.....:love::love:
  10. It depends, I was looking at your siggy and I noticed the BG GH was missing. If you're still getting that, I'd say go for the RH Anthra. If not, get the Anthra with GH, it's gorgeous! Here, I've owned both and I still have pics........(I'll never sell my Anthra GH......it's one of my favorites)


  11. ;)
    :roflmfao: nice recovery, nicole. ;) fugly, that exact word came to mind yesterday too when I saw mastic.......don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm just not feelin' that color, yet. sorry off topic.:smile:
  12. i'd love to see a pic of your collection, KDC! i know you've had some true beauties...
  13. I don't like the gh..
  14. Another vote for RH :smile:
  15. RH for me !!