Which Anthracite: Anthracity or AnthraFirst?


Which Anthracite?

  1. AnthraCity

  2. AnthraFirst

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  1. Now that you've seen Megs post Girlie's beautiful AnthraFirst.. what do you think? decisons.. decisons...I am wavering now as I am now waiting for my AnthraCity..
  2. How do you intend to use the bag? If it is for an evening bag or you don't carry a lot of stuff, then I love the style of the first. However, if you need the bag to carry papers, sunglasses, a water bottle, etc., then I would go with the city.
  3. I don't know yet! I just want the colour. I have the following:
    Firsts: Rouille, Ink (my holy grail)
    City: Emerald, Sapin, Lilac06, Vermillon
    Part-time: Blue India
  4. I could not decide between the two, sorry, it really comes down to what you'd use her most for. I don't have a first and wanted something I could use in the evening hence my choice was quite easy. BTW you have some yummy colours there! Love them!
  5. Ok, here are my thoughts. I think that the first style is prettier and it is also cheaper than the first. So, if the idea is just to get the anthracite color, then I would buy the first.
  6. I don't think the City is too big to be carried in the evening, so I would choose the City. In some cases, the first may be too small. You also have an Ink First, but no black City, so that would be another reason to go with the city. Great collection you have!

    I wish you well,

  7. I vote for City...but I also love First...
    and then I saw you collection
    and since you have less first than city...I would go for a First....
  8. if u ask me, i would go for the city. i don't use my first a lot, city is more useful to me :p
  9. City! You don't have a dark-toned City, but you have the Ink First.
  10. City. I find the first to be too small.
  11. I like the first style. I like the look of the first better :smile: I'm prob. biased though.
  12. AnthraCity all the way. I just can't carry the First. It's too small for me, in any colour.
  13. I tend to be partial to the first--but I agree, it depends upon what you're going to use it for. Since you have more cities though--maybe it would be less redundant to get another first.
  14. I like the City for the darker colors...the First needs to be a really POP color type of bag. Or a metallic. I have a First in pewter and could not pull off a City in that color, but my City in blue India is fabulous. Darker colors appear smaller, so my vote is for the City.
  15. Thanks girls! I'll pray on it tonight!