Which....? ( and new goodies! =D )

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Optic Small Hobo or Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel in Green?

  1. Hamptons Weekend Demi Satchel in Green

  2. Small Optic Signature Hobo

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've got the option of getting one of the following two bags. I can't really afford both. What do you guys think?

    I also have a new signature stripe large beauty case in Crimson and the matching wristlet for my crimson sig stripe tote, and I got an optic signature oblong scarf with the flowers and rhinestones AND an optic signature wristlet in the brown-khaki like the bag below. I pick everything up tomorrow except the Crimson Stripe things, which are being shipped from JAX. I'll post pics! Yay! Excited! I had to share even though I don't have pics yet.

    Anyway-- yeah. See pics below... which of these do you guys think...? Do any of you have either of these??? If so, tell me what you think about them!!!
    optic.jpg 10666_SVGN-1_d2.jpg
  2. I vote for the hobo. I like that optic pattern.
  3. I LOVE the khaki optic print. That shade of green IS very pretty. But again, I love the optic. :yes:
  4. I love the green, great for spring & summer
  5. Oh, I would definitely go for the optic. I love the leather trim and dogleash closure.
  6. I voted for the green satchel. It's such a fun color and style. You can't go wrong - both are lovely!
  7. I'd go for the green one, I've seen the larger tote in that color and it's really cute! The optic I've seen IRL too at Macy's and that particular style seemed really small to me. It seemed too tiny to be very functional. But you may like smaller bags - I'm hauling around large Ergos all the time!
  8. Yeah, that's my thing, the optic is TOTALLY an evening bag. It's TINY and $20 more than the larger green demi. I have NOTHING green so I don't know if this colour will match with any of my clothes. I :heart: the hangtag... augh, decisions, decisions!
  9. could you get the green in either blue or white? the demi satchel is really nice and i love how it fits nicely over my shoulder (even with a sweatshirt). plus its easy to keep clean.
  10. love that green one!
  11. ^^ Noooo, these are deleted items that I have an option to get at a reduced price, they're just deleting green :sad: I want the blue sooo badly though. It's GORGEOUS. :drool:
  12. you can just wait til the blue becomes availble.
  13. ^^That's actually kind of what I was thinking. You read my mind! I worry that the green won't match anything I have.
  14. Yes. (sounds like mother talking) . . . You can just wait til the blue becomes available!!!

    (but you can get the optic while you're waiting!)
  15. I love the green color of the demi! Green frequently functions as a neutral color and would go well with jeans, black, brown, red, etc. Take a chance on the green!

    Also, congrats on the crimson accessories and other new things!