Which Amore Campeggio to choose?! NEED HELP!

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  1. So i got 2 Amore Campeggios...n I cannot decide which one to keep! I've been looking at them both for a few weeks, haven't gotten a chance to use it since I can't decide!! HELP ME DECIDE!

    which one?!! or none?!

    What I'm looking for it: Koi Fish + Sea Dragons + Love Birds + Ciaociao Adios

    The first bag (left side) has everyone i like cept i wish the koi fish were lowered down more...and the sea dragons aren't centered on the flap =( But I love how the hot pink colors pop! That's what I'm looking for...

    The second bag (right side) has ciaociao centered which i love...and the sea dragons twice and on a pocket flap! and i have my love birds...but NO koi fish...koi fishes are a MUST! plus the hot pink colors don't seem to pop on this bag as much...

    So I have NO idea which one to keep...or keep looking for one that has better placement? I know campeggios aren't hard to find at macy's so maybe I can go searching around southern kali this weekend!

    Ideally I'd want the whole koi fish, sea dragons, butterfly scene along the top portion of the bag...and have ciaociao n love birds popping up everywhere!
  2. i vote for the one on the right :]
  3. If you're not into the lattes, then definetly the left, unless you find one you like better.

    The colors are better and atleast you have SOME fish. =]
  4. I'm really liking the one on the left.
  5. i really like the one on the right because everything just looks centered. the adios on top, and the milk bottle and lattes on each of the flaps. i see what you mean about the hot pink "popping", but i think this bag is very colorful and bright even without it. i also love how the sea dragons are "peeking" out above the pockets.
  6. I don't know if its the lighting or what but the colors on the left one look better.
  7. hoot: yah that's why i like the right one too because its more centered...and yeah the bag is already crazy bright, but i want to stretch it to the next mile and go for the BRIGHTEST that i can get lol. And hot pink is my favorite color so i want the most of that.
  8. for what you're looking for... the one on the left.
  9. Personally, I like the one on the right because it has lattes on it and everything is nicely placed :biggrin: But, since you are looking more for the koi fish and maybe the one on the left..but the print on the right is just much prettier to me lol. They should've had more Koi on the one on the right..then maybe it would be perfect for you.
  10. I would choose the one on the left, it is more colourful.
  11. i like the left one more.
  12. If it were my bag, I'd choose the one on the right, but for what you are looking for I'd say the left one is the winner.
  13. I like the one on the left :blink:. I had to look at them for a couple mins to decide.
  14. I like how everything in placed on the right one, even though I love how adios and sandy have their own flaps!
    I would settle if the koi were on the back more than once- but that's me. But for you, I like how the colors pop more on the left one. It's more attention catching and it has more of the less pastelly characters on it
  15. The left is a good one. Even though the right one is centered nicely, there is NO koi. Plus, the adios and ciaociao are high up, which can be covered by your arm or something when you wear it. At least with some of the characters on the flaps, you could display it more when wearing it. You could send a pic of you wear both and we could see which looks best?