Which Amanda Darcy Bag would you pick?

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  1. I am thinking of buying a satin Amanda Darcy Evening Bag #13598; I’ve seen them at the outlet recently in gold, coral, light blue, and silver/ straw and I like the bag, but I wanted it in either silver or black, so I have been checking them out on ebay.

    In November I bought a black satin dress with a small silver ornament and I got a black jacket with glittery silver decoration to wear with it. (That sounds a little weird but they look nice together!) I wore them with black shoes and a small black bag but I am thinking of getting a nicer bag to go with it. I only wore the outfit one time and it was expensive so I will be wearing it again.

    The silver satin Amanda Darcy has silver hardware (so that sounds good) and it has gray patent trim. I haven’t seen it in real life so I’m wondering if the gray satin and gray patent leather will match the black and silver glitter jacket okay or if it is a different shade of silver/gray and will look odd?

    Black might be more practical but the black satin Amanda Darcy has black patent trim and gold hardware so mixing the gold hardware with the silver glitter outfit might not look too great. I could take the strap off and just show the minimal kisslock buttons in gold - but I like the chain strap!

    Maybe I should have gotten it at the outlet in a contrasting color like coral or blue – but that might be too flashy because the outfit is already a bit flashy with the silver glitter! Or maybe I should just forget about the satin darcy and wait for another evening bag style to show up at the outlet!

    I wish that Coach made this bag in black satin with silver hardware! Below are links with pictures of the bags (NMAs!)

    Please share your opinions, thanks!

    Silver Amanda Darcy:

    Black Amanda Darcy

    Coral Amanda Darcy

    Light Blue Amanda Darcy