which alma??

  1. Do you guys like the mono or damier alma best? I'm going to be using it for casual dressing. I don't know which one would look better. Also, do you think they are too similar to the speedies? I already have a mono and damier speedy. thanks much!!:smile:
  2. I'd go with the Monogram one, I like the Damier in the Speedy and some other styles but not so much in the Alma for some reason.
  3. why dont u get an alma in epi? i thnk the speedy and alma as quite close in look ---- good luck!
  4. I would go with an EPI or MC alma. as your speedies are soo similar.
  5. I agree that Epi or Damier would be best!
  6. I think that Monogram would be best.
    But I personally think the best Alma is the Multicolor one. =)
  7. if i had to choose, i would choose the alma in monogram..
    but i prefer the alma in epi ~
  8. I say mono!! It's such a classic!
  9. Mono !!!!!
  10. I actually like Alma in Epi and MC...but I will choose Damier here.
  11. Alma in monogram really is a classic and not similar to the the Speedy.
  12. I like the damier print right now.
  13. Damier!
  14. mono!
  15. I love Alma and have it in Epi Ivorie and MC Black. To choose between Mono and Damier, I'd go with Damier.