Which Alma would u pick?


Which Alma would u pick?

  1. Alma Mono

  2. Alma Vernis

  3. Alma Damier Ebene

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  1. I was asking this question myself sometime ago, it was a toss-up between Vernis Amarante and Damier Ebene. After going to the store, I ended up liking Black Epi Alma the best since its so classy and timeless.
  2. if this is your first alma, vote for vernis!!!
  3. Thank you More bags & xiangxiang0731 for the vernis votes.:biggrin:

    TQ smileglu! Wow, a total different line ya. Meaning having to say that, i should hv dropped by LV boutique to try and pose with it IRL to see which one suits me the best ya!

    Yea princesspipi, this is my 1st alma. That's y so headache to choose one! :p
  4. Vernis!
  5. I am in a similar situation, wanting my first alma MM, its between Vernis amarante, Vernis Pomme, Black Epi and FIgue Epi... so i guess i will just see which one i love the most when i go to buy it. I suggest you pick the one u fall in love with. :smile:
  6. Vernis!
  7. Thanks Anjool. So in the end, which one did u purchase? Vernis or Epi? :smile:

    :ty:bjorn & AnaVeronika.
  9. I have same trouble too. But mine is between Alma Vernis and Alma Epi...... btw, i have a question, is there anybody can answer me? I really wanna have a alma vernis givre ,or bleu infini, but the bontique here(Frankfurt) told me they dont have these two colours any more? Do they really stop producing these colours? Oh i just wanna a givre......
  10. I voted Mono and second would be damier. I really dont think the vernis is suitable for daily. At least for me no. I feel as though its a little flashy. I thin it is GORGEOUS though.
  11. Vernis!! It's gorgeous!!
  12. Vernis or Epi! Love them both!
  13. i wanted the alma DE but it was to small to fit my stuff
    it's more of a restaurant/going out bag than an everyday bag
  14. I voted Vernis coz I have one my self in PM, rouge fauviste. The color is not too dark to there are no finger prints when I carry it but not light enough to get color transfer. I practically carry it everyday and to be honest it goes with everything I have in my closet!
  15. Vernis......