Which Alma would u pick?


Which Alma would u pick?

  1. Alma Mono

  2. Alma Vernis

  3. Alma Damier Ebene

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  1. vernis!
  2. I voted vernis in your poll, but for me I would chose Epi...I like that it is a bit more understated, but that is just me :biggrin:
  3. Vernis all day! So sexy!!
  4. Yes, what Phoe8nix said!
  5. Vernis no doubt! The Alma BB in vernis is actually next on my list!!!
  6. Vernis in all sizes first then epi next.
  7. Vernis. I have two - pomme and bleu infini - and yes, you can use them daily. The only thing I am a little cautious of - is the risk of colour transfer with lighter vernis colours (and yellowing over time, too). So if you were to go with amarante colour, there would be no issues with colour transfer (as it is a darker colour). PM me if you want more info... but I have had my pomme alma for 18+months now, and no colour transfers, scuffs, scratches or anything else... :biggrin:
  8. Thank you so much for dropping by and thanks for the votes as well as suggestions! :loveeyes: Will definitely give me a great idea now. :idea:

    Thank you needlv! I'm so inspired by the red alma posted by some tPfers and amarante is a good choice too...will certainly PM u if i need further info on the vernis. :ty:
  9. Alma Vernis all the way!!! I love how it's shiny & girly! lol Epi is my next favorite, then Damier Ebene, & lastly mono.
  10. :true: TQ mary5sok! Hv a nice day!
  11. Vernis!:biggrin: But I don't think I can pull off to carry this bag everyday.. That's why I bought an Epi instead..:smile:
  12. Thank you Tessa06! Yea, i hope to bring her out every now and then rather than sitting in the wardrobe for ages waiting for a special occasion...
  13. First: Alma Amarante, it is very pretty
    Second: Epi Alma if you want you want to use it as an everyday bag
    Third: Mono
    Last: Ebene
  14. I love the vernis but epi is nice for daily wear.
  15. vernis no questions asked!!