Which Alma will u choose?


please choose one thanks

  1. monogram

  2. damier ebony

  3. epi in black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi i've been thinking to get a Alma but keeps wondering which will be a nicer choice. please help to vote monogram, damier ebony or epi in black? thanks!
  2. I would go with Damier ebony....you won't see it everywhere, but you can wear it with almost anything anywhere.

    Same can be said about Epi, but for now go with Damier. It is a bit more practical!
  3. I love my Alma in black Epi! Also love my Alma in black MC! Alma is a hot bag!
  4. Definitey damier- it gives the alma a chic, modern edge but is still elegant.
  5. my vote go to damier alma cos monogram in singapore too common then the epi like too dull so the best choice is damier alma :tup:
  6. I voted for black epi ... so classy and chic!
  7. i like the Damier one the most. it's so elegant and professional looking
  8. Black Epi Alma is an absolutely breathtaking bag!
  9. Damier! Second choice would be epi...
  10. Damier!
  11. I'd choose the black epi! It's so timeless!
  12. I love the brown epi! It gets my vote!
  13. Damier! :tup:
  14. Black Epi since it's leather:tup:
  15. Hmm...I'm gonna vote for Damier Alma. Mono looks nice when new, but I would worry about the vachetta.